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Melly has been producing

agave wine for over 20 years. She has cut no corners and poured all of her expertise into the first premium agave wine has ever been introduced in North America.

CAN DE LA CALLE begins with 9 to 10 year old local mature agave that is cooked for 24 hours and then rested for another 24 hours before being crushed and fermented to an ABV of 7.5 percent. It is the same nascent wine from our fermentation vats that would usually end up being reduced

in her stills to make her tequila. This wine is then mixed with Melly's own additive-free 100% agave tequila to raise the  A.B.V. to the desired alcohol content. We are the

only agave wine in existence that raises our wine to proof with only 100% agave

 tequila. Most agave wines

raise their wine to proof using either cane spirits or neutral spirits, as tequila is too expensive, especially tequila that is 100% agave and 




can de la calle was the first premium artisanal agave wine ever created, made by renowned tequilera Melly Barajas, the creator of la gritona reposado tequila and the leyenda de mexico tequila marks. can de la calle is named for the stray dogs that Melly rescues from the streets of Guadalajara and brings out to live at her distillery in rural Jalisco. At the distillery, the dogs live a safe and fulfilling existence, where they are free to roam the vast countryside and amongst her agave fields along lake Presa Del Salto.  The dogs are the distillery's ever-present ambassadors, and they are loved and cared for by all of the women who work on the property.  

Agave wine is a lower alcohol relative of traditional tequila and is often used in establishments that have beer and wine licenses that can not serve liquor. It is fantastic mixed as a substitute for tequila in any of your favorite tequila cocktails. Melly is so proud of her work on this project that confidently proclaims CAN DE LA CALLE to be the first premium agave wine in the world, that truly can be enjoyed alone or on the rocks.  


Melly can adjust the A.B.V. of CAN DE LA CALLE to suit the compliance laws of your state. CAN DE LA CALLE is available in A.B.V.'S of 17%, 20%, and 24%. If you are interested in distributing our wine in your state please email us, or reach out directly to our importer T. EDWARD WINES

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